• Personal independence and some Social Maturity To Give them Wisdom

    Our strength is being dynamic, child-centred and innovative. So when we work with our children, we promote transferable skills, the ability to time-manage, independent thought and a sense of how important each and every individual is, which makes for a well-rounded, happy child – ESSENTIAL FOR GROWTH.

  • You are very welcome to Visit the school

    The school is located within easy distance of some of Dehradun's known locations. Clock Tower is just 5 minutes away! Our campus provides a safe and secure environment in which students come together to study and form lifelong friendships.

  • The diversity of abilities of all students through Enrichment programme to develop LIFE SKILLS @GYANANDA

    Students work both in teams and independently in our rich learning environment, thus energizing the curriculum with a real-world relevance and sparking student's desire to explore, investigate, and understand their world.

  • We equip the children with Fundamental skills essential for academic work.

    At Gyananda we recognise that the world our children will inherit will be very different to now, so it is imperative that we equip our children for the many exciting challenges that they will face and for their future roles as global workers.

  • For Learning, Friendship, Ambition & Discovery

    At Gyananda, we aim to prepare all our children for the future and the many opportunities that this will bring. Our supportive, caring environment in which to flourish academically, emotionally and socially.


Welcome to GYANANDA Day Boarding Girl School


We pride ourselves on being an innovative & modern school of Dehradun, to help and support children from the brightest to those who need help in certain areas to achieve an all round development and growth.


Our goal is to identify creative gifts of every child and to nurture them. Whether your child has a passion for art, dancing, singing, languages or a desire to play a particular instrument, we will provide the direction and the environment for them to explore, discover and realize their interest and telent to help them achieve the desired goals.


A genuinely warm, open environment, with plenty of buzz within its walls where children are as eager to learn, as we are to teach. We encourage the children who join our school to be energetic in everything that they do, whether in academic or sporting pursuits.

Secure & nurturing environs ...learning to make a difference to the community

Become lifelong learners A stimulating learning environment

You are very welcome to visit us during school hours by prior appointment only.
Visiting Hours are fixed between 10am to 3pm on weekdays only. We would love to share with you all that Gyananda has to offer and would show you around the school and you can meet students and the staff.
Call 0135 - 2655680 to make an appointment between 10am to 3pm.

Contact us. We are dedicated to providing academic excellence and realizing every student’s potential

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