Adventure Activities

Day Boarding School for Girls, Dehradun

Adventure Activities

Field visits,Treks and excursions are all a very important part of our curriculum at Gyananda because we believe that learning is not just restricted to classroom teaching or books . Children learn far better in a natural environment and it is learning for life. The observations and the experience of such learning is permanent and has a huge positive impact on the children.

We take children out for mid term excursion where they spend time away from home with their teachers and friends thus learning teamwork, acceptance an awareness of their surroundings and the environment respect and overcoming fear by facing challenging situations and thus leading to confidence building, all these qualities which are extremely essential for the overall growth and progress of a child.

About the School

The Gyananda Day Boarding School for Girls believes that all learning should be purposeful, that it should lead to the development of responsible citizens with a strong work ethic who contribute meaningfully to their own growth & development, their family & society.