Day Boarding School for Girls, Dehradun

Our Motto

Gyananda Principal

Women empowerment and education has never been more essential as today as the sphere of their influence broadens from ‘the hand that rocks the cradle’ to the board rooms, the factory floor, the centre court and the skies. Our daughters of tomorrow need to be prepared to understand and excel in the workforce and the multiple roles they will engage in, and to be constructive change agents.

Our school design fosters inclusive management structures so that the staff, parents and student communities feel a sense of connectedness and warmth. There is a special emphasis on co-curricular activities and the outdoor learning spaces will build 21st Century skills through games, activities and collaborative learning experiences; the indoor classroom spaces are aesthetic, flexible and inspiring as much as possible.

A typical day in the life of a Day Scholar at Gyananda begins at 8.30 am with Circle Time with their Class Teacher. All classes are 50 minute Activity based Learning sessions. Languages classes that include English, Hindi and Spanish where the emphasis is on developing strong listening and speaking skills in the early years. Math and Science are taught through the Jodo Gyan materials that have an exploratory and discovery pedagogy supported by a hands-on and group learning approach. Morning Activities include Music, Dance and Drama while Afternoon Activities focus on outdoor and indoor sports. We believe in inculcating good reading habits for life, hence the Drop Everything And Read - DEAR periods are included every day.

The Gyananda Day Boarding School’s founding members believe that 21st Century learning needs a genuine and deep commitment of infrastructure, staff and curriculum delivery and that this philosophy should be reflected in both design and pedagogical vision.