Performing Arts

Day Boarding School for Girls, Dehradun

Performing Arts

Gyananda believes that every child is unique and is talented in their own way and hence it becomes essential to provide an opportunity and a platform to every child to help understand where her interest and talent lies. The Performing Arts Curriculum at Gyananda embraces Indian classical Music, Western music, Dance forms: both Indian and western and Theatre. Distinctive learning as we call it, pushes the students to not only seek excellence in their discipline but also induces them to take time to relax ,pursue and take their creativity to the next level. The school also gauges every child's potential through close observation and assessment program to further encourage their aspirations.

About the School

The Gyananda Day Boarding School for Girls believes that all learning should be purposeful, that it should lead to the development of responsible citizens with a strong work ethic who contribute meaningfully to their own growth & development, their family & society.