About Us

Day Boarding School for Girls, Dehradun

From the Principal's Desk

Ms. Meenakshi Mehta

Gyananda signifies the joy of learning and here at school we celebrate this joy of learning every single day.
Each new day that dawns, brings with it, for both teachers and students a new surprise and a curiosity to explore, discover and create.
We are all learners here eager to break down the confinement of spaces defined by conventional thinking and we truly believe that learning is not just restricted to the classrooms. You'll often find students and teachers playing with clay creating different landforms, working on solar energy projects, converting the school into a safety zone educating people on safety in different areas and much more thereby applying the concepts learnt and relating it to everyday life.
The main aim of schools should be to facilitate learning by creating an environment that compliments the whole process of learning. An atmosphere, which focuses on overcoming hurdles and setbacks by helping each other and reaching out and extending a helping hand whenever and wherever required, where mistakes made are respected as much as success because they are signs that we are experimenting and exploring. A place where truly the mind is without fear and freedom of expression prevails which stems out of a strong student teacher relationship forming lasting bonds and associations.
Confidence, respect, humanity, humility, independence, stability, compassion and empathy are all core strengths here at Gyananda because these for us are as important a part of our curriculum as Science and Mathematics.
The principle goal of education in schools should be creating of individuals who are confident to explore and fearless of doing and creating new things rather than simply repeating what generations before then have done.
And in achieving that lies the strength of Gyananda.