Transport Routes

Day Boarding School for Girls, Dehradun

All pick and drop off points from designated stops.

Transportation Routes & Details

Distance (in Kms) Transportation fee
0-4 Kms 1500.00/-
4-8 Kms 2200.00/-
8-12 Kms 2700.00/-
12-16 Kms 3200.00/-
16-20 Kms 3700.00/-
20-24 Kms 4200.00/-

Route No.


GMS Road, Shimla Bye Pass and Bhandari Bagh.

Route No.


Kalidaas road, Rajpur road, Old survey road, canal road, chirowali Route no. 3 Nehru colony, Aaraghar, Ladpur, 6 no. Puliya, DEAL crossing, Nalapani Chowk and Old Nehru colony

Route No.


Aman Vihar, IRDE, Nalapani Chowk and Sahastradhara Road.

Route No.


Chakrata road, Yamuna colony, Kaulagarh and Garhi Cantt

About the School

The Gyananda Day Boarding School for Girls believes that all learning should be purposeful, that it should lead to the development of responsible citizens with a strong work ethic who contribute meaningfully to their own growth & development, their family & society.