Day Boarding School for Girls, Dehradun

Fee Structure

One Time Fees (At the time of admission)
1 Registration Fee Rs. 25,000.00
2 Admission Fee Rs. 25,000.00
Total Rs. 50,000.00
Monthly Fees
1 Tution Fee Rs. 3000.00
2 Sports Fee Rs. 500.00
3 Activity Fee Rs. 500.00
4 Meals Rs. 700.00
5 Misc Rs. 500.00
Total Rs. 5200.00

* UKG Students opting for the full day boarding facility will be charged Rs. 2050/- (Per month) towards meals and boarding facility till 4.30 PM.

Theatre fee Rs. 3600.00
Mid-term trek
(Charged as per actual. Subject to change as per the quote by the company for the program
Rs. 4000.00
Total Rs. 7600.00
Monthly Fee
Tuition fee Rs. 4200.00
Sports fee Rs. 1500.00
Activity fee Rs. 1500.00
Meals Rs. 2750.00
Misc Rs. 1000.00
Total Rs. 10950.00
Monthly Fee
Tuition fee Rs. 5000.00
Sports fee Rs. 1500.00
Activity fee Rs. 1500.00
Meals Rs. 2860.00
Misc Rs. 1100.00
Total Rs. 11960.00

The above fees are to be paid by Demand Draft/Cheque in favour of Gyananda School for Girls, Payable at Dehradun. Fee will be deposited in the South Indian Bank, at Rajpur Road.

  • If you are making an RTGS, Kindly inform the School about the same.
  • The fee should be deposited by the 10th of every month.
  • Any payment after the fee date will accrue a late fee of Rs 100 per day.
  • Meals and Transport will be charged for 10 months only.

Important Notes

  1. Please ensure that the Demand Drafts/Cheques are made out in the correct names as mentioned in this leaflet.
  2. Please mention the Name and School no. of your child on the reverse of the Demand Draft/ Cheque.


It is mandatory to give three months' written notice to the school before withdrawing a child at the end of the academic year i.e. 31st March. If a child is withdrawn anytime after 1st April, i.e. after the beginning of an academic year, then the deposited month fees will not be refunded. The date of receipt of the withdrawal letter by the Principal will be taken as the date of the withdrawal notice. If you don't provide 3 month's written notice before withdrawing a child, one month's fee will be charged in lieu thereof.